Hexagon Acoustic Panels

Wood Hexagon Wood hexagon panel is a new interior wall and ceiling material for office and many other interior projects. The hexagon panels are made of 100% natural material: wood and cement. The combination of wood and cement makes its unique sound absorption performance ensuring good acoustic performance. The wood hexagon board has a natural […]

Paneling for Walls

Paneling for Walls – Restaurant Solution The atmosphere of restaurants largely depends on interior paneling for walls. Do you know that noise and music are related to our tastes? Poor acoustic effect may result in lower stars in restaurant reviews. Wood wool panelling for walls is a solution. The wood wool board is an eco-friendly […]

Decorative Wood Panels

Decorative Wood Panels Cement bonded decorative wood panels can be categorized as natural sound absorption material. The decorative wooden panels dissipate acoustic energy through their cell structure by gradually convert the energy into heat. Decorative wood panels for walls have a good sound absorbing level, especially at higher frequency. The absorption of the decorative wood […]