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Wood Wool Acoustic Panel Manufacturers Customized Panel Wholesale | Wood Wool Acoustic Panel Made in China Wood Wool Cement Board China

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Wood Wool Acoustic Panel China

Wood wool acoustic panel china is made of natural wood fiber material by china wood wool acoustic panel manufacturers. Wood wool cement board china has a special combination of hard inorganic cement binders under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Its physical characteristics make it have a special appearance, a special surface, a good silky texture, giving a rough original feeling, and satisfying the return of modern concepts of nature.

Customized wood wool acoustic panel has many advantages, such as high NRC, very suitable for acoustic and sound insulation activities, providing high heat insulation, not easy or fast burning, very durable, long service life, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, recyclable, wholesale wood wool acoustic panel will not cause any health problems to humans or animals. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection and sound reduction, wood wool acoustic panel made in china has become more and more popular in recent years.

Wood Wool Acoustic Panel China Specifications

Size: 2440x1220mm, 600x600mm, etc.
Thickness: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Wood Wool Acoustic Panel Made in China Wood Wool Cement Board China Wood Fiber Panel

Feature of Wood Fiber Panel

Proof of antibacterial substances: mites, insects, termites, mites and other habitats
Sound absorption: coefficient NRC is between 0.85.
Permanent life: high-strength materials, resistance to external pollution, low maintenance costs
Fire resistance: Wood wool cement boards china are a kind of refractory material. The stronger the refractory material, the greater the density.
Rigidity: high impact and fire resistance
Insulation: Wood fiber material is a poor thermal conductor, with no through holes, structural form, and minimum thermal conductivity.
Environmental protection: Wood wool acoustic panels made in china are made of pine and fir, and processed from sustainable raw materials.
Easy to install: The installation method of wood wool partition wall is simple, easy to cut and shape, only experienced workers can use standard woodworking tools for installation.

Achieve sustainable development

The world we live in today is heavy and we need to change this situation. First, choose sustainable products. Therefore, we provide you with wood fiber panels and wooden boards for walls made of sustainable materials. All our wood comes from sustainable forestry, which ensures that no more trees are felled than are planted. In addition, good working conditions for workers and protection of wild animals and plants are ensured.

When you choose our wholesale wood wool acoustic panels, you will be able to make a difference for yourself and your loved ones with your conscience, and move towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please contact us.