Wood Wool Tiles – How do I order?

Wood Wool Tiles

Wood Wool Tiles – How do I order?

The most common question for wood wool tiles: Do you ship world wide?

Yes, we do!

We are proud to be a global supplier of wood wool tile. Our products have been exported to Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, etc. Contact us, we will help with your order, no matter where you are. We produce by orders, so you can order any number and combination of shapes, sizes and colors. Designed patterns are endless and you can personalize any installation.

How do I choose a wood wool tiles pattern?

You can choose one of our pre-designed patterns, or you can design your own pattern. If you need inspiration to improve your creativity, please check out some of our previous projects on our projects page.

How to contact?

Please contact us through our contact page to contact our sales representative. If you need help with your project, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have encountered.

How do I get a quote?

We offer specific prices and discounts for each project. Please contact us through our contact page and inform us about size and complexity of the project. Then you will get our quotation of wooden panelling or wood wool tile. Shipping costs and potential custom clearance costs will depend on the size of the order and the country to deliver.

How to pay?

We accept T/T, bank transfer or western union.

How do I place orders and what is the production time?

If you want to place an order for wood wool tiles, we need to know the color, thickness, pattern and quantity combination required. We also need a complete shipping address, recipient name and phone number. Once your order has been confirmed, we will start production. Normal production delivery time is 3 weeks and another 3 weeks for shipping to most countries. We don’t have in stock wood tile for sale. All are customized for your specific projects.

Frequently asked questions will better help you!

If you have open questions. Read more about wood wool tiles or find your answers in our FAQ section.