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Wooden Panelling

Wooden Panelling Accessories

As a company focus on production and global selling of wood wool wooden panelling, we can’t do installation for customers. Local installers should do a good job for you as the installation of wooden panelling is not special. It’s their outstanding performance that makes them different from other interior wall panels.

Installing wooden panelling on wall is much easier than that on ceiling. You can just use glue and nails, while installing on ceiling involves some profile system. Anyway, it’s still easy for professional installers. For more wooden paneling design for wall or ceiling, please click here. Here below are some accessories that might be used during installation.


If you use screws, we recommend to use electro-galvanised screws. Screws are suitable for install unpainted wooden paneling on walls and after installation you can paint the panel and screw at one time, so that the screws can be dipped in the same color as the wooden panelling.

Cloud System

With the wooden panelling as acoustic cloud, you can improve your acoustics as needed. The wooden panelling cloud can be used as an alternative to a complete acoustic ceiling, or as a further improvement in the acoustics of a particular room area.

Profile System

Our wooden panelling can be installed with a range of different ceiling profile systems – exposed, hidden and removable. You can easily found these profiles in local profile store.


To paint in factory or to paint after installation, it’s a question. To paint wooden panelling for walls in factory ensures faster installation, but you should be careful not to peel off the paint during installation. To paint after installation, you can also paint the screws.