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Wood Wool Cement Board

Wood Wool Cement Board

Wood wool cement board is a decorative grade panel that offers superior sound absorption levels. They are made of wood wool and cement, so they are incombustible. Like many other acoustic boards, they provide sound absorption and insulation, and are breathable.

Wood wool cement board is widely used for ceiling and wall, providing sound absorption and heat insulation. The application of these wood wool cement boards includes recording studios, conference rooms, classrooms, hotel lobby, auditorium woold wool tiles, education facilities, leisure centres, reception areas, studio sound, and so on.


Structure: Fine 1.5 mm, Thick 3 mm
Colour: Natural, Gray, Black, White, and so on
Edge profile: square edge, 5mm bevel, visible side of T-section
Standard size: 2440×1220 mm, 600 x 1200 mm, 600 x 600 mm
Thickness: 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm

Wood Wool Cement Board Manufacturers

Wood wool cement panels have high thermal insulation performance, do not burn easily or quickly, are highly durable and has a long lifetime, do not cause any health problems, are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Due to the honeycomb structure of the wood wool cement boards, they are an excellent sound absorbing material. They can be painted by wood wool cement board manufacturers, local installers or wood wool cement board suppliers. They are widely used ceiling and wall panel in lots of applications, such as schools, recording studios, theaters, gymnasiums, restaurants, shops and the like. Since they are not affected by wetness, they can even be used in the swimming pool project, which make it different from many other acoustic materials.
Wood wool cement board can be mounted directly on a wood battens or in a suspended profile system. However, they are usually fitted with glass wool as backing to ensure optimum sound absorption (up to αw = 1.0). For wood wool cement board price information, please contact us for quote.

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