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Hexagon Wall Tiles

Hexagon Wall Tiles

Wood wool hexagon wall tiles are made of cement, wood wool and water. These natural environmentally friendly recyclable materials together provide many functional features. Moisture-proofing hexagon wall panels control air humidity by absorbing moisture from ambient air or emitting moisture into ambient air, which contributes to pleasant indoor climate. High pH also hinders the mold and the material is also not affected by decay. Acoustic hexagon wall tiles store heat from the surrounding air and emits when the air temperature drops, which helps to reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impact and indoor stable and comfortable climate.

The open material structure reduces the reflection of the sound, making hexagon wall decor tile a good sound absorber. The hexagon tiles material reduces noise and contributes to quiet space in residential buildings, industrial sites and public places. Hexagon wall tiles are fire-resistant make them a good protective coating layer for walls. The rugged surface can be handled by vacuum cleaning, and the use of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments indicates that the board will not emit dust or particles.

The surface structure of the hexagon wall tiles depends on the width of the wood shavings. There are two different structures: fine (1.5 mm) and coarse (3 mm). The size of hexagon wall pattern can be customized.

The hexagon wall tile can be used as an painted and completely natural panel. The hexagon wall paint panels are available in any RAL/NCS color code.
Hexagon Wall Decor

Feature of Hexagon Wall Tiles:

Environmental friendly natural products
Outstanding acoustic characteristics
Easy to install and remove
External and internal applications.
Excellent thermal performance
No smoke, no release of smoke
No hazardous and formaldehyde
Durable impact resistance
Termite and pest resistance
Light weight and strong

Application Areas:

Office hexagon wall treatment
Hall hexagon board
Shopping mall
Retail industry