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Wood Fiber Panels

We all found that the room (without wood fiber panels, wood wool acoustic wall panels or other acoustic panels) we were in had poor acoustics. The reverb effect makes us feel great frustration and annoyance. It occurs in many different places in private houses and various restaurants and work environments. Several people choose to add or move soft furniture to reduce echo. However, it also has its disadvantages because it takes up space and creates a chaotic environment. The solution does not have to go beyond your decoration or visual expression.

Reduce echo can be achieved by using wood fibre insulation boards in newly renovated buildings. Because of their excellent sound absorption, they avoided many discussions and prevented dozens of visitors from hoarse heels. The wood fiber acoustic ceiling tiles also looks very unique, because the wood fibre insulation board is decorated with exquisite flower patterns.

Wood Fiber Panels Technical Performance

Thermal conductivity – 0.08 Wm / k-IS 3346
Non-flammable – 53% loss of mass at 750 oC
-ISO 1182 Flammability-“P”
-BS 476 Part 5: Fire Index-5.17
-BS 476 Part 6 Surface Extension-Class I
-BS 476 Part 7: Specific optical density of smoke-Flame exposure 26.28 Dm (Corr)-ASTM E662

Thickness: 20/25/50 mm
Edge: square, groove
Fire rating: China standard class B1
Size: 600x600mm / 1220x2440mm
Sound absorption rate up to 0.85
Density: 400 Kg/m3
Climate: (RH) 90
Weight: 7-20 Kg/m2

Wood Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Wood Fibre Insulation Board Wood Fiber Board

Painted wood fiber acoustic panels can improve the acoustics in modern communication lounges. From an acoustically speaking, new lounges posed a huge challenge to the architect. Directly next to the elevator, several corridors converge in a spacious open-plan room. While visitors in the lounge talked to each other, employees hurried past, and the elevator doors opened and closed permanently. This background noise can quickly become disturbing and it is necessary to speak loudly. This is quite inappropriate in a business meeting. To avoid this, wood fiber board can be installed on the wooden grid support system on the ceiling of lounge. Because of their excellent sound absorption values, the hexagonal acoustic wall tiles and fiber wood boards can keep the noise at a pleasant level so that all calls can be conducted at normal volume.

These are single-layer magnesite bonded wood fiber boards whose size, thickness and color can be customized according to the specific requirements of each project. The natural texture of the wood wool surface makes fiber wood board very suitable for creative designs.