Wood Wool Slabs

Wood Wool Slabs | Acoustic Woodwool Slabs

Wood wool slabs are not just firerpoof, they have a very good sound absorption performance because the open surface structure allows a high level of absorption.

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Wood Wool Slabs

Wood wool slabs are a multi-purpose building material made of wood wool(excelsior) and cement. Wood wool slabs’ global accreditation demonstrates its versatility in application and durability under any climatic conditions.

The main features of woodwool slabs are:

Fire performance
Resistant to moisture
Termite and pest resistance
Thermal insulation, energy saving
Sound absorption
Available in a variety of finishes

A main application of wood wool slab is durable, energy-efficient economic housing.

Fireproof  performance

Wood wool slabs are tested and China Standard classified B (Fire Resistance) equals to EN 13501.

Sound absorption performance

Woodwool slabs have a very good sound absorption performance because the open surface structure allows a high level of sound absorption.

Wood Wool Slabs

Resistant to moisture

As wood wool slabs have been mineralized by cement, so the water will lose its effect in the board. These hexagon boards are used for indoor and outdoor applications as well as in wet environments such as ceilings in indoor swimming pools.

Thermal Insulation

Due to its relatively low density, woodwool slabs have good thermal properties. The maximum thermal conductivity of boards with a thickness of 25 mm is 0.090 W/mK. For 2 or 3 layer composite panels, the thermal conductivity will be further reduced when rigid cores such as glass wool or mineral fibers are used in the insulation system.

Termite and pest resistance

Tests have proved that wood wool slabs are not susceptible to termite or pest attack, and can’t be affected by any biological decay.


Wood wool slab can be painted in any RAL color. Acoustical ceilings can be sprayed or rolled while maintaining their acoustic characteristics.

Standard size and density of woodwool slabs

Size: 2440×1220, 600×600, 600×1200
Thickness: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
15mm 570kg / cubic meter
25mm 460kg / cubic meter