Decorative Wood Panels

Decorative Wood Panels

Cement bonded decorative wood panels can be categorized as natural sound absorption material. The decorative wooden panels dissipate acoustic energy through their cell structure by gradually convert the energy into heat. Decorative wood panels for walls have a good sound absorbing level, especially at higher frequency.

The absorption of the decorative wood panels walls increases when combined with a layer of mineral wool. They also provide important features besides sound-absorbing coverings. Thermal inertia, breathability, and the ability to absorb excess humidity ensure a high degree of indoor comfort. Absolutely non-toxic and fire resistance make material safety. Dimensional stability in high humidity condition, strong, and infinite longevity make it suitable for swimming pools, gyms, schools and industrial buildings and other heavy use.

Regardless of bars, restaurants, stadiums, multipurpose rooms or schools, echo reduction is important to enjoying the activities held there. This functional performance, sound absorption can be provided through our acoustic decorative wood wall panels for interiors. Because of the textured shape, size, openness and color, they also contribute to the complex interior design solutions. The sound absorption wood decoration for wall provides a highly creative solution for sound-absorbing ceilings and walls.

Feature of wood decorative panels as a sound insulation material

Decorative wood panels for external walls or internal walls can significantly improve the sound insulation between rooms and help reduce noise entering the building, even under the most disturbing middle and low frequencies. The unique feature of decorative wall panels wood boards as an insulation material is characterized by its high mass, open cell construction, low bending resistance, and high internal sound absorption.

The decorative wall wood panels can be easily attached to the wall with an expansion screw and completed with a wet plaster or gypsum board to ensure a quick and clean installation for new or refurbished.

Wood Decoration For Wall

Feature of decorative wood panels as a sound absorption material

The open face of the panel allows sound waves to enter, and then the sound can be dissipated through the honeycomb structure of the panel. The sound absorption increases as the panel thickness increases, which can be further enhanced by the use of a layer of glass wool behind the panel and by leaving an air gap.

The detailed acoustic design of the room begins with the knowledge of the material, which should be selected and used according to the results to be achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the use of the room and any interaction with the furniture and occupants to balance the absorption characteristics.

You can choose from a wide range of decorative wood panel for fake ceilings or wall covering to meet different design requirements. The selection includes the panel surface texture definition, depending on the type, can have 1 or 3mm width of wood wool. And then select the panel thickness and edge finishing according to the application requirements. The last, to choose color. The decorative wood panels can be completed in the color system eg. RAL as required. Decorative panels for walls without paint enhance the natural ivory tones.