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Wood Panels for Walls

We hope to end the old aesthetic and functional issues. Wood panels for walls are a visually attractive solution for public and private spaces that can be activated permanently. Wool wood panel for walls is a very old building material made of wood wool and cement by acoustic panels for walls suppliers. We used the wood panel for wall to make a hexagon and put it in the office, and then the architect started to draw attention on social media. As the demand for wood panels for wall grew, designers collaborated with entrepreneurs, and business was born. The original hexagonal shape of wooden panels for walls has been expanded to include circles, rectangles and other shapes. The interior wood panels for walls can be mixed and matched in one of more than 500 pre-designed patterns. Customized wooden panel for wall design can also be provided.

Technical Data of Wool Wood Panels for Walls

Size: 600x600mm, 600x900mm, 600x1200mm, 500x2000mm, other sizes can be customized*
Thickness: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
Finish: Natural color, painted
NRC: up to 0.85
Density: 8 kg/m2
Thermal Conductivity
Edge: Square edge
Fire performance: China standard class B1
Main material: wood wool

Acoustic Panels for Walls Suppliers Wooden Decorative Panels for Walls Interior Wood Wool Panels

Eliminate bad sounds in the room

Have you ever been replaced by exposure to excessive noise or echo? Most people have it, and it is very stressful to endure too long. Use our wooden decorative panels for walls to create a healthy sound environment for you, your employees or your family. You can improve your sound quality according to your intentions. The sound-absorbing interior wood panel for wall made of wood wool and does not reflect the sound waves back to the room. Overall, the sound will be minimized.

These environmentally friendly white wood wool panels not only make rooms with diverse design styles full of life, but also sound-absorbing cotton boards reduce echo and reverberation by absorbing sound. Wood panel for wall and mineral bonded wood wool board can change the aesthetics and acoustics of any indoor space.

We work with architects, engineers, building owners and users on various acoustic and noise control projects. The wooden decorative panel for wall is not only visually attractive, but also has sound aurally. The hexagon acoustic wall panels and sound panels for walls are all natural, fire-resistant, and easy to install. The design of geometric patterns can be changed as needed. Most customers will find them because they are looking for a beautiful acoustic solution. He predicts that as people realize the importance of acoustics in homes, workplaces and public places, demand will increase.


Architectural acoustics
Thermal and floor sound insulation
Light wall/inner wall/outer wall insulation/external maintenance